Przestrzeń bezpieczna i wolna od alkoholu oraz środków odurzających.


Attack at OCSK Stop on New Year’s Eve

Warning: detailed description of attack with weapon

Hey, how was your new year’s eve? We wanted to spend it calm…it was quite nice.
We played board games in small group, ate tasty food, and upgrade things in Stop.
At 9pm one of us got out, to bring some wood for fireplace. Then several people approached the gate, and two entered the yard. Our person greeted them, Ask what can help in. Dressed in black, masked agressors pushed person on the ground. Started to kick, and beat by telescoping batons. They destroyed phone, yalled offensive things. Persons inside the building heard noises after some time, cause Postój is good- soundproofed place, to także care about neighbours during concerts. Then one of them get out, to check whats going on. Agressors got back using pepper spray towards the yard. Persons from Postój tried to talk with them. Asked why they did it for? „Is that because we trying to do something nice for community, doing art and workshops? Thats why you beat, and kick person on the ground for two minutes?” The only answer for beaten person was „Come and fight solo”.
The results of happening is- very malued person, unable to work for long time, and traumatic experience for us. It’s the member of Postój, wich know the most about rwnovations, or sound system in our place. Destroyed phone was tool needed for work.
We know violence enviroments, wich like to attack, and destroy cultural places, or spaces where grassroots, and free expression of culture is important. Despite this we didn’t expect an attack on one, defenseless person.
We believe, that facing impunit political violence, facing nationalist hit squads, solidarity will be our weapon.

There’s way to help us (via our friendly NGO):
Account number: PL75 2530 0008 2041 1073 8230 0001
When donating, please use the title “Donation for the statutory purposes of the Common Support Association on OCSK Stop helping

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