Przestrzeń bezpieczna i wolna od alkoholu oraz środków odurzających.


Postój is standing!

Although we have a lot of fear (yes we afraid od fascists and the state allowing their violence. And this is not reason to be ashamed, but to be proud, that despite fear we standing) and situation after attacs is very hard, thanks to the mutual aid shown to us from so many sides, we have hope and strenght. Especially when we see how people around us opposing fascist violence, and start working against it.
We have only, and do much eachothers. Thank you!
Material, and financial support is very important to us, but we care more about helping us act on the place, come and do things together. Whether it’s for renovations, and improve protections, or just support with kind word, see a beautiful Kuźnicki forest (wich local community defended against developers), od see park next to us.
Let’s be afraid, let’s be nervous, feel every emotion we need.

But let’s not be intimidated. Let’s act!

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